To continue to enjoy local food, we have to preserve our local farms and farmers. Land is expensive, small farms are disappearing, seasoned farmers are retiring, and new farmers cannot afford to buy land to farm in California.

"One Farm at a Time" gives community members the opportunity to invest in the future of the farms and farmers that provide our food.

This partnership is working to raise funds and awareness needed to ensure the sustainability of our local family farms for future generations. One Farm at a Time aims to preserve each small farm based on its unique set of circumstances.

Good Humus Produce in the Capay Valley is the first family farm that we are preserving. Jeff and Annie Main have been working for eight years to establish an agricultural easement that will protect this land as an organic farm into perpetuity.

Learn more about the One Farm at a Time Project.

The Last Crop is a documentary film in progress about Good Humus Produce and Jeff and Annie Mains' goals for the future of their farm. Watch the trailer here

Local Dirt radio program features The Last Crop video and discussion with Annie Main and Chuck Schultz.

One Farm at a Time is sponsored by the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation
(a 501c3 tax exempt organization).

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