Our Cluster of Cooperatives

Davis and Yolo County are home to over 30 types of cooperatives and nonprofits which have different levels of cooperation such as Resident Cooperative Councils.  Cooperatives are here from artists to artisans, students to seniors and food to farmers. You are a click away from many cooperatives and nonprofits in Davis and Yolo County.

Local cooperatives and nonprofits benefit greatly from the annual support of First Northern Bank and Yolo Federal Credit Union. You can boost their contributions to cooperative and nonprofit development by opening an account with either of them. Ask them to code you 393 as supporting the Davis Cooperative Development Fund. Call David Thompson at 757-2233 for further information.

This site is sponsored as a community service for cooperative and nonprofit organization by
the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation,
216 F. Street, PO Box 1844, Davis CA 95616

Co-operative Housing in Davis & Yolo

Click here to get information about grants and subsidies and to be on the list for new local limited equity cooperative home ownership.
(PDF 76kb)

Learn about: Cohousing, mobile home parks, limited equity housing cooperatives, mutual housing and cooperative housing partnerships which have created nonprofit housing.

The Federal Home Loan Bank makes $15,000 grants per household for cooperative home ownership. Other subsidies are available for up to $80,000 for co-op home ownership.

First Northern Bank and Yolo Federal Credit Union make an annual donation to the Davis Cooperative Development Fund to support new forms of cooperation. Open a 393 account with them and keep your money local.


Eleanor Roosevelt Common

A Nonprofit with a Resident Cooperative Council